Who we are

About us

We founded our company for people looking for an idea similar to ours for their home.

We believe that our home has to be an expression of ourselves - a reflection of our tastes, hobbies and travel, a place to make good memories with family and friends, the best place to relax after a long day of work.

This site is a collection of our favorite products, stories, inspirations and ideas - from all over the world, but all sharing something unique - a carefully thought out design, and an high quality construction.

We have built our name with sofas, chairs, tables and beds, but our vision is now on an overall approach to well-being.

Our Philosophy

Our dream house, although it is conceived to detail, has the comfort as a primary concept.

We have handpicked a variety of furniture and decorative pieces that together aim to find this rare balance - a contemporary home, rich in contrast and character.

We are driven by the power of good design to transform everyday life, expressing our contemporary ideas through quality materials.

Our team has a friendly and collaborative approach to an ideal result, to obtain world-class products.

Evolutionary Design

The evolution of our product range is constant.

We solve the design challenges that appear every day, largely due to the hard work of our skilled craftsmen team.

Each piece is tailored to meet the exacting standards of our market.

We combine the best elements of traditional and digital technology, we have created sketches, prototypes and refine new ideas in a unique way.

Our process is supported by a solid understanding of the usefulness and we encourage our customers to adopt a similar approach when selecting a piece.